Summer is a Walt Disney short film released in 1930. Directed by Ub Iwerks, it is the the sequel to the short Springtime (1929). It is 6 minutes long. (Wikipedia)

So summer is here! Actually, it’s been here for a while, and we have actually had some weather to back up the fact that it has officially been summer since 21st June. It’s not been so great for the last couple of days, but I am not a fan of the really hot weather anyway, so give me a slightly cooler day anytime.

It has been over 2 months since I last posted, on May 4th (Star Wars Day), and even then it was only a ‘Tuesday Treat.’ Things just got on top of me with university and everything else. But now that I have nothing to do (at least until I find myself a job), I will try and update more regularly! This one won’t be very interesting, I have a long list of interesting websites that I have found that I want to share with you all, but that will have to come next time.

I was looking at my list of 28 things I wanted to do before my birthday, which is now 119 days away. I am under no illusion that I will get them all done, even getting any done seems a bit hopeless, but I will try and get as many done as possible, and then the rest can just be carried over! So far, shamefully, I have only managed one, and even that’s a bit dubious. I managed to kind of watch a sunrise, at the Summer Ball, where we stayed until 4am. I was outside while the sun was rising, and whilst I wasn’t actively watching it rise, I experienced it, and so I am giving it to myself!

This photo is the Survivors’ Photo from the Summer Ball – they went up onto a crane and took a photo of everyone that made it to 4am. Richard, Hannah and I are in it, I managed to spot myself straightaway!

OK, until next time, when it will be a much more interesting post, I promise!

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