Jane loves lists

Do you remember by list of 28 things that I wanted to achieve by the time my birthday came around? I only started the list in April, so I didn’t have a full year to complete it. Nevertheless, that’s no excuse to have only completed 4 of the 28. In my defence, I have had a lot to occupy me since April.

I am, of course, not going to get them all done by November 12th. I originally said that I would recycle any that I didn’t get done, but that’s not going to be the case now. I may recycle some of them, but not all, as some just aren’t realistic.

Of the four I have done, the one I am most proud of is learning to knit. My mum taught me the basics quite a few weeks ago, and the first image is of my little piece that I did, just to learn the stitches. Then, my sister-in-law’s mum kindly bought me a pattern, for four different baby’s hats, and I knitted my first ever thing last week! The photo shows it as it is now, I still need to add a little button to it, and then I will be giving it to my baby niece (possibly for Christmas). My niece Abbie also gave me a book at the weekend, called Knitting in No Time. It was meant to be my Christmas present, but she gave it to me early, so hopefully I can knit some Christmas presents out of it!


I also managed to go and see a football match, albeit a friendly one. I went with my friend Steve, who supports Ipswich, and had a spare ticket to Ipswich vs. Spurs XI. As I support Spurs, I am glad it was a match of theirs that I managed to see. It was a pretty good match, it was on 3rd August, just before the season started. Tottenham had another friendly that night too, so a lot of the big stars weren’t there, and neither was Harry Redknapp. But Pavlyuchenko, King, and Kaboul all played, so it was good to see them, and Tim Sherwood was standing in for Harry in the dugout. It finished 1-0 to Spurs, although I wasn’t really allowed to celebrate the goal as I was in the Ipswich seats!  The photos aren’t great, but I only had my mobile with me!

Ipswich – 0 Spurs XI – 1


One of the other items on the list was a bit of a cheat. At the summer ball in June, I stayed up all night, and I counted this as having seen a sunrise. Technically, as I have mentioned before, I did; I was outside as we were waiting for the survivor’s photo to be taken. The sun wasn’t up when we started waiting, and it was when we finished. So I am taking it and claiming it as a victory. It’s my list, I can do what I want! The photo is of myself, Richard and Hannah, as we were waiting for the official photo to be taken.

The final item on the list that I have achieved is an easy one. I wrote a letter to my 40-year-old-self. I don’t know why I particularly wanted to, it’s just something I have seen in various magazines and thought it would be a good idea. I just wrote about what I am doing and feeling now, and my hopes for the future. I gave myself a few instructions, said “I hope you have done this or that” (I did say ‘you’, I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t a bit stupid, but I decided that I  am the only one who is ever going to read it!). The only thing now is what to do with it to make sure that I don’t lose it before my 40th birthday. Hopefully this blog will still exist, so if I have forgotten about it, this should jog my memory. I did actually hear about a service called Future Me, in which you can write yourself an email and it will be sent on a specific day in the future. I might write myself an email for my 40th birthday and remind myself to read the letter!


This post isn’t me admitting defeat, I will get a couple more done before my birthday. In fact I hope to get at least seven or eight done. But my track record is not great, so it won’t necessarily happen. I am very close on learning all the world capitals by the way. Close, but not quite there!

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