Jane loves lists

Hello all

The more observant among you will notice that, as of today, I have a brand new list of things to achieve by my next birthday! I decided to just add it to my sidebar and then alert you to it, rather than include it in a post, as it’s rather long and would make for a very long blog post. I’ve also added it to my listography page, so you can view it there if you so desire. I have included some of the things that I failed to achieve from my last list, but some of them I just gave up on. I still want to achieve them (especially watching the films on the AFI list and the books on the BBC list), but I don’t want to challenge myself to do them in a year. It’s too hard!


This list, whilst still challenging, should be much more achievable. Some of them, such as starting a vegetable patch and having a bra fitting, are things I wanted to do anyway; others I had to try a bit harder to think up. I’m really hoping to get lots and lots of them done this year – I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

Edited to include full list: 

1. Go to Yorkshire. 
2. Write a short story.
3. Make a dress from scratch.
4. Make a roast dinner all by myself.
5. Learn every world capital.
6. Visit my old school for a tour.
7. Play rounders.
8. Make and wear a custom tee. 
9. See the Crown Jewels.
10. Learn to play chess.
11. Write a poem.
12. Roll down a hill.
13. Go to a dance lesson of a type I’ve never done before (line, morris, etc).
14. Go to Brighton.
15. Have a bra fitting.
16. Knit myself a jumper.
17. Start to learn a foreign language.
18. Go to a Spurs match.
19. Go camping.
20. Visit Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral.
21. Start and maintain a vegetable patch.
22. Write a letter to my MP.
23. Pull a pint.
24. Reread Lord of the Rings.
25. Throw a fireworks party.
26. Be a healthy (according to BMI) weight.
27. Get a tattoo.
28. Go to Scotland.
29. Take a photo a day (starting from January 1st, 2011).

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