Jane loves Harry Potter

Hello all
As you are probably aware (unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks), the final Harry Potter film was released recently. My friends and I have been fans of the series for about ten years, when we first discovered the books in about 2000. It was actually Jen and Vicky who started reading the books first, and much to my embarrassment, I insisted, for some time, that while I appreciated that they were probably very good books, they didn’t seem like they would be my cup of tea, and I therefore would give them a miss. It didn’t take long for me to realise that this was nonsense, and I devoured the first four books in no time, and then queued at midnight for each of the subsequent three books.
As for the films, I went to see the first one with my niece and nephew (who were eleven and six at the time – eek!), and each subsequent one with either my family, or Anna, Jen and Vicky. Earlier this year we decided that as this was the last of the films, we would have a Harry-a-thon, and watch all seven films on DVD before going to the cinema to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. This was achieved a couple of weekends ago, as we congregated at Jen’s house to sit through around twenty hours of Harry Potter films! It was so much fun, especially as I’ve barely watched the first two films since they were at the cinema. It was fun to watch Dan, Rupert and Emma’s performances in the early films, as they are so young and cute! It was also good to chart Matthew Lewis’ change from strange looking young thing to ‘One of the best looking men in the world’ (a quote that can be attributed to me, though it wasn’t without a fair amount of hyperbole).
Part of the weekend was also spent making t-shirts – which means that I can cross number eight off my list of things to do before my birthday! We all made one, and we wore them to the cinema to see the film. I’ve included the photos of the whole weekend, including the t-shirts in a slideshow (my first one!). Also included are photos of Jen and me, with her pulling some special faces (which she would kill me about posting, but she’ll never read this so it’s fine); both Rob and Anna pulling individually interesting faces; and Rob wearing a woman’s tee and seemingly enjoying it very much.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a super fun weekend, and it culminated in the final film at the cinema, of course. We bought special Harry themed 3D glasses (though the 3D element of the film was rather underwhelming – not really necessary at all!), and then proceeded to cry our way through most of the film (except Anna, and possibly John. Smart money seems to suggest that Rob may well have cried). I really enjoyed the film, and although they took a few liberties with certain plot points (Jen was a little upset about certain things), I didn’t think that it was to the film’s detriment. I enjoyed it immensely, and I really want to see it again!
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2 thoughts on “Jane loves Harry Potter

  1. I have to agree. The 3d wasn’t really that effective. We have since watched it again without those anoying and uncomfortable glasses and enjoyed it more.

    I originally only watch the first film because the kids wanted to and wasn’t expecting great things. Since then the whole family have been stoic fans. The kids have all the toys as well :)

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