DIY ~ Button Bracelet

I’ve been going on about how I want to make this button bracelet for a while now. Despite the fact that I love buttons, I haven’t really got a collection of them (this is going to change), so I thought I would have to go out and buy some in order to make the bracelet. And then I won Mrs M’s giveaway, and I got some gorgeous wooden buttons as a part of my winnings! So I decided that a button bracelet was in my immediate future, and today, I made it!

Minolta DSC

All the details you need for this DIY are in the Little Bravery post; it’s a really simple tutorial whereby you attach your buttons to a piece of elastic! The elastic I used was slightly wider than what Bronwyn used, but as my buttons were probably slightly bigger this wasn’t a problem.

Minolta DSC

Measure the elastic on your wrist and then overlap the ends slightly and sew it up. My sewing skills aren’t all that, but it should stay together, and that’s the main thing! And all the untidyness is on the inside, so nobody will see it!

Minolta DSC

Then it’s simply a case of attaching your buttons to the elastic. Bronwyn used lots of different types of buttons, but mine were all the same size. When I started I tried to sew the second button right next to the first one, flatly, but it didn’t work. When I tried it on my wrist, the buttons spread out too much and showed the elastic underneath. So I overlapped the buttons as much as I could.

Minolta DSC

Minolta DSC

Minolta DSC

And this is the finished product! I love it – it’s my new favourite bracelet! I don’t think it looks obviously homemade, although if anyone asks them I will be very proud to tell them that I made it myself!

The buttons obviously cost me nothing, and the elastic cost me £1.15 for a couple of metres worth in a wool shop. It’s such a cheap DIY project, and one that you can make lots of different versions of if you have lots of buttons!

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