Link Love

It’s a busy week on the blog this week; I have so many ideas for posts, and while I don’t want to bombard my readers, I do want to fit them all in! So it’s straight on with this week’s links!

First up it’s an interview with me! I participated in Bex’s Why Do You Blog series on her wonderful blog, Futures. It was written a few weeks ago, so some of the information is actually out of date, and I obviously didn’t proofread very well because there are a couple of typos. Oops! Anyway, take a look!


~ source ~

Design Mom has a fabulous post about Angela Lansbury. She’s currently gracing the cover of The Gentlewoman magazine, which I’ve never heard of but is something I clearly need to check out.

A fascinating article in The New York Times by Alex Williams about an increasing trend of Americans using Britishisms. It led me to a blog called Not One-Off Britishisms that I am currently making my way through.

Luluastic wrote about her favourite alternatives to shampoo. You may be a bit surprised by her number one choice!

Anyone fancy a trip to the Barbican Curve Gallery? I want to walk through their ‘Rain Room’, an installation that allows you to walk through a rain shower without getting wet!


~ source ~

This rundown of Bizarre Looking Libraries from around the World is a great find for two reasons: 1) It has pointed me towards some seriously odd looking buildings filled with books, and 2) It has introduced me to the word ‘rhombicuboctahedron’.

Incredible drawings here by Ramon Bruin, creating the illusion of a 3D image.


~ source ~

Fancy swimming to work? No, me either.

This week’s favourite Tumblr: Branding the Presidents of the United States.

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