30 Before 30 ~ Cakes

This is it, the last 30 Before 30 update before I move on to 31 Before 31. Eep! Actually, there will be another general roundup to remind you all of what I have achieved (not that much, but still), before I move on.

Anyway, so I managed to bake the two cakes I required to cross off number 12 on my list. I didn’t get around to doing posts for them, because the last two weeks or so have been manic, so I’m cramming them into one post, and rounding up the cakes item at the same time!

Ginger Cake


As always, apologies for the less-than-stellar photography skills on display here. Before I start another baking challenge I’m going to try and get some tips on photographing food.

This cake was a bit of a disaster. I got the recipe from Polly May and the Like after she blogged about it and her sister tweeted about how delicious it was. When I came to bake it, I realised that I couldn’t find my loaf tin, which is still bugging me because I only bought it last year! So I decided it would have to be a round cake, which didn’t really work, because it’s not that kind of a cake! And then when I came to make it, it just didn’t feel right – the mix didn’t seem right. I baked it anyway, and fed it to my ginger sisters who seemed to think it was OK, but if I make it again I will make sure I have the right tin! Also, as you can see from the photo, it was a tad overdone on one edge. Oops!

Maltesers Cake


This is a recipe that I came across on Afeitar’s blog. It’s a Nigella recipe, but I think the name is a bit of a misnomer, because the only Maltesers are on top!

I was much more happy with the outcome of this one, though I haven’t actually eaten any of it myself. I made it on Sunday when my sisters, nephews and niece came round for some tea and cake in honour of my birthday (I always seem to be feeding my sisters cake!). I got a bit stressed out whilst baking it, but I think it turned out OK. I had fairly positive feedback in terms of taste too; I couldn’t bring myself to eat it because it had Horlicks in, and I could really smell it whilst I was baking it. I don’t think I have ever drunk Horlicks, but I can’t stand the smell of it (it reminds me of the old people’s home where my nan used to live). So I haven’t tried any of it, though there is still some left so I might bite the bullet and see what it tastes like.

So that takes my total to ten!


Ten cakes, not all of them wholly successful, but all of them fun to make. And I enjoyed eating most of them too!

My favourite was probably Herman the German Friendship cake. That’s a very tasty cake!

12. Bake 10 unique cakes

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