30 Before 30 ~ The Results

It’s been a 30 Before 30 kind of week, hasn’t it? It’s because I want to put it all to bed and get started on 31 Before 31!

When I first started making these lists, I was 27, and I began with 28 Things I wanted to achieve before my 28th Birthday. I managed four. Then I did 29 By 29, and crossed off five. So here we are at the end of 30 Before 30, and I have managed a grand total of eight!

I know that this doesn’t seem like all that many; it means, after all, that there are 22 that I didn’t do! But it’s three more than last year, and I’ve finally got to the point where the next list I make is going to be much, much more realistic!

I’m sure you are all aware of what eight items I managed to cross off this time, as I have been pretty anal about keeping you all apprised of my progress. I posted about two of them this week! But to keep things tidy, I have decided to round things up!

The first thing that I actually managed to cross off was number 3 – Think of a new blog name. Lady Writer just wasn’t doing it for me any more, and it took me ages to settle on a name, but I’m thrilled that I did. My blog feels more like my own ever since I renamed it!

Next up was number ten – Get further than C in Alphabet Weekends. This has been going on for so long I actually despair of us ever reaching Z, but it was nice to be able to cross off another letter. I will probably include this on the next list too, because it gives us a little bit more motivation to get on with it!

My main problem with getting anything done on my lists is that I tend to wait months before I start actually doing anything, and then I run out of time. Number 8 – Fly a Kite wasn’t completed until July! I am mighty glad I did it though – it was so much fun and I want to do it loads more!

The kite-flying was a specific activity that I planned in order to cross an item off the list. But my trip to Cardiff ended up happening really quickly and it was quite by coincidence that it also happened to fulfil the criteria for number 7 – Go to Scotland/Wales/Ireland.

In October I crossed off number 22 – Have a bra fitting. It had lingered on all the lists I had made, so it was about time. I feel like I have barely stopped talking about my bra ever since, but it’s ever so nice to be wearing one that fits properly!

Number 27 – Go to Brighton had lingered for a while too, so I’m glad to have finally got it ticked off! My GBF Richard has expressed disapproval since I went without him, so there’s a return trip on the cards at some point!

Finally, you are fully aware of the last two items that I completed, because I blogged about them yesterday! Number 12 – Bake 10 unique cakes seems to have taken ages to complete, but that was the general idea! Ten cakes worked out to about one a month once I actually started baking them, though it ended in a bit of a sprint finish!

And finally, number 25 – Have watched at least 15 new films from the BFI list of Top 100 British Films. Another sprint finish – there will be another film challenge on my 31 Before 31 list but I’ll be sure to get started on it a bit earlier in the year!

So that’s that. 8/30. Not great, but still something to be a little bit proud of! My 31 Before 31 list will be published in the next couple of weeks!

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