31 Before 31 (Part III)

It’s the home straight! Here are the final eleven on my 31 Before 31.


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21. Learn to play chess

This one has been lurking on my lists for years. I still can’t believe I haven’t done it, but to be fair, I think I need someone to sit down and teach me. All my friends say “I know how to play, I’ll teach you!” And yet I remain untaught. Chess friends, take note.

22. Buy and learn a ukelele

Even as I type that, I can just see myself making excuses for why it’s not crossed off next year! I made a pact with myself that I was only going to include feasible items on this list! But I do so want to learn to play the ukelele! So this is one of my few might-not-get-it-done items. Humour me.

23. Complete a cross stitch

I was going to qualify this one with ‘It has to be x cm wide’, and then I realised that in my life I have completed one cross stitch and started lots. So I am not restricting it to a big one. It’s any one. It can be a free kit from a magazine or it can be a big, complex project.

24. Give blood

I have given blood before, but in recent years I keep meaning to do it again and then forgetting. If it’s on my list I might actually get around to it. In fact, I’m going to make myself an appointment when I finish writing this!

25. Start writing a novel

I was supposed to be doing NaNoWriMo this year, but I didn’t. The trouble is that November is my birthday month and the month before Christmas, and it gets kind of busy. So it didn’t happen, but I’m thinking about making January my own NaNoWriMo, and just getting on with it. We’ll see.

26. Visit my old school for a tour

This is the fourth time I have put this on a list! I don’t have any excuses other than that trying to get together with my friends is a mission in itself, and that’s the reason it hasn’t happened.

27. Organise my photos into albums

I haven’t actually printed my photos in a really long time; like most people in this digital age they are all on my phone, computer or on discs. But I do have piles of photos that I did have developed, back in the day, and they need putting into albums. So I am hoping to get on that this year.

28. Get further than D in Alphabet Weekends

This was on my list last year, but it was ‘Get further than C in Alphabet Weekends’ then. So I managed to cross it off, and I want to again this year. At this rate, we’ll get finished in about 23 years!

29. Knit myself a jumper

I bought some wool to do this, but it didn’t get done in time for my last birthday. So it makes its way back onto this year’s list, and I’m going to make a start on it shortly and not leave it until the last minute!

30. Start a herb garden

This sounds a bit more complex than I mean it to. I literally mean that I want to grow some herbs in pots. I think I’ll get my friend John to help; he grows his own and seems to know what he’s doing!

31.  Run 5K

I started doing the NHS Couch to 5K programme a while ago, and (as with everything) I gave it up. There is no point in making any wild claims about 5K in a certain amount of time. I just want to be able to run 5K without stopping, at my own pace.

And that’s it! All 31 items, and I’m fairly confident that they are more or less achievable. I’m going to make a start on some of them straightaway, because my main problem is that I start to get motivated on them all too late and then I run out of time! I need lots of moral support, so if you know me, you should shout at me if you notice a long time has gone by without me doing anything!

I’m adding a button on the sidebar that will link all of my 31 Before 31 adventures together.

11 thoughts on “31 Before 31 (Part III)

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    • I think it would have to be chick-lit; not very highbrow but it’s what I know and love. I have the beginnings of an idea, it’s been in my head for ages but for some reason I’ve never written anything down! 2013 is definitely the year for it though!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this project of yours. Its always a great idea to challenge yourself, something that helps up grow as a human being. I might do something similar later on. (maybe 35 things before 35? or 40 before 40 LOL who knows…)
    following your blog & thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thanks so much! I love doing these lists – it’s great to have something to try to achieve each year. They are quite popular across the blogosphere, you should definitely try one!

      Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely words :)

      • you are welcome. And as i mentioned before i will do one of those projects too. I just need to find the right one. Need to make sure to link back to you, when i do ;)

  4. I’ve just joined the gym so maybe we could do a 5K together? I am aiming for fit before 30!! Plus would you like a copy of ‘Ukelele for Dummies’ for Christmas? x

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