My thoughts on… Cowboys and Aliens

Despite my best intentions to give my thoughts on the new films that I am watching this year, I’ve got all behind! I watched Cowboys and Aliens ages ago, and have only just got around to writing about it!


A spaceship full of aliens arrives in the Wild West in 1873, intent on mining gold and taking over the earth. When people from Colonel Dolarhyde’s town, including his son, are taken by the aliens, he gathers up a posse to get them back and rid earth of the aliens.

What I Liked

  • Daniel Craig. I like Daniel Craig a lot, as a very attractive man of course, but also as an actor. His performance is definitely one of the highlights.
  • Daniel Craig’s bottom. In chaps. I watched it with my friend Jen and we both agreed that it was a highlight of the film.
  • Sound is very important in a film (to me, at least), and I very much enjoy the sound of a western film. Horses hooves on sand is a very enjoyable sound.
  • Harrison Ford has never been one of my favourite actors, but (need I really say it), he’s much more appealing to me as he gets older. I feel as though his grumpy turn here as Colonel Dolarhyde is not that far away from the real Mr Ford.
  • It’s a bit of fun, as most action films are. It was never going to win any awards, but sometimes you just want to watch a bit of escapist fun, and that’s fine.

Cowboys and Aliens

What I Didn’t Like

  • Paul Dano is criminally underused. Seriously, he’s in it for about ten minutes all told.
  • I know the whole premise of the film is Cowboys *and* Aliens, but it’s actually a lot better when it’s a cowboy film, rather than an alien film.
  • I like Olivia Wilde. I went through a stage where I had a super-huge girl crush on her. But in this, she’s a bit… meh. I can’t even summon up the enthusiasm to be negative about her. I’m just indifferent.
  • Talking of Olivia Wilde, she has zero chemistry with Daniel Craig. I’m not just saying that because she gets to kiss Daniel Craig. He has chemistry with other actresses; Eva Green, Naomi Harris, and probably Rachel Weisz. But none here.

So that’s that. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. Before it came out, I was super excited to see it, and now I have, I just feel fairly indifferent towards it. Not a film that I ever expect to watch again, unless I chance upon it on television on Boxing Day in a couple of years.

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