My thoughts on… Speed

Up until I watched Speed the other week, I would have said that I had seen it before, and therefore it didn’t qualify for my 52 in 52 list. But then I started watching it, and it actually occurred to me that I don’t think I’ve ever seen it from the start. It’s one of those films that I claim to love, but when I thought about it, I was only really familiar with the bit where Dennis Hopper realises he has been duped, and the ending. So it went on the list, and I get to blog my thoughts on it.


A terrorist has rigged a bus with a bomb that will explode if the bus goes below 50 miles per hour. Jack Traven is the police officer tasked with preventing this from happening, and Annie Porter is the innocent bystander caught up in the drama.

What I Liked

  • Sometimes I surprise myself with how much I like a nineties action film. Speed is one such film. It’s sheer entertainment from start to finish, and doesn’t make any apologies for it.
  • I’ve seen a lot of Sandra Bullock films, and I have to say that I love her in each and every one. She steals this film away from everyone else as Annie Porter.
  • Dennis Hopper is suitably maimed and crazy. He just plays the part really well.
  • The moment when (spoiler) Payne realises that he has been Traven has duped him by looping the video feed is so much fun. It’s the main bit that I remember from watching the film when it was first out.
  • It’s thrilling to watch an ordinary situation, a simple bus ride in rush hour, turn into a chase of sorts.
  • I like Jeff Daniels, so it’s nice to have him around, if only for a little while.
  • Just when you think it’s over, it’s not. OK, so you don’t think it’s really over, because Payne is still out there and that’s not how action films work, but it’s still fun to have another (the film’s third) action sequence on the subway.

What I Didn’t Like

  • I don’t particularly enjoy watching Keanu Reeves act. He is a charisma vacuum to my mind, just completely and utterly lacking.
  • Implausibility problems abound – how can Jack keep up with the bus when he first attempts to board it – the bus is supposed to be going at 50MPH and he is running alongside it? Also, how is the bus managing to maintain that magic speed in rush hour traffic?

Again, with a film that I love, I have had to dig deep to find any negatives. With a film like Speed, you don’t go poking holes in the plot, because the film is just far too enjoyable to really worry about any implausibility problems.

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