Progress Report ~ February

I’m a bit late with my February roundup. I think it’s because February wasn’t a great month on the goals front. I didn’t read as much as I would have liked, and I only saw a few films.

See 52 New Films

This time last year I had watched 18 new-to-me films. This year, at the end of February, my total is eight! However shameful that may seem, I’m actually only one behind in terms of my actual goal, which is 52 New Films in 52 Weeks. So I’m not really worrying too much!

I wrote about my thoughts on Hitchcock, and as ever, I’m running a bit behind, so there are still posts to come on Life of Pi and That Touch of Mink. I did enjoy them both very much though!

hitchcock_ver2 life_of_pi that-touch-of-mink-movie-poster-1020197029

Read 75 Books

Three books in a month is a little bit disappointing, especially as I read one of them in a day. My excuse is that I usually do most of my reading in the bath, and for half of February I wasn’t able to have a bath as we had some serious boiler problems. Everything is OK again now, and I’ve already read one book this month! If it wasn’t for the ten books I read in January, I’d be a bit worried for my total, but as it is, thirteen for the year puts me ahead of target.

I’m a Stranger Here Myself was the first Bill Bryson book I have read, and I loved it. As someone with a huge interest in all things Anglo-American, I really enjoy his perspective as an American who has lived a large part of his life in the UK, so I’m looking forward to reading some more of his books. Echo Burning was my third Jack Reacher book of the year; they really are rather addictive. And I wrote a review of The Silver Linings Playbook at Hanging On Every Word if you would like to check it out!

25 echo-burning images

31 Before 31

I haven’t made any serious progress with my birthday list (I told you, February wasn’t a great month!), but I did actually cross something off, which makes a change!


Number 17 – Write a Letter to my MP has been on my list for so long, so it’s nice that I’ve finally managed to cross it off! I haven’t had a reply yet (although I did get a comment on my blog post from the man in question!), because I kept forgetting to actually send it off, but hopefully I’ll get something soon.

As for the rest, there has been no crossing off, but as two of the books in February were by authors I hadn’t read before, they were added to my A-Z list. I’ve now ticked off 8/26 of that list. I’ve also been learning some more world capitals, and making some tentative plans to do something for charity. Hopefully I’ll cross off a few more items in March!

2 thoughts on “Progress Report ~ February

  1. I’ve only watched two new films this YEAR! This is why I’m not putting a film challenge on my 35 before 35 list ;-) One of the films I did see was Life of Pi – I really enjoyed it too. It’s worth seeing for the cinematography alone, I think. Sooo many great shots of animals!

    • That’s the reason I set myself films goals, in order to make sure I actually watch them, or I find that I watch the same ones over and over again!

      Life of Pi was great, I need to pull my finger out and write my blog post about it!

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