My Thoughts On… That Touch of Mink


Cathy Timberlake is a single career woman who doesn’t want love affairs, only marriage. She meets Philip Shayne, a rich businessman who only has love affairs, and tries to resist his advances while holding out for a marriage proposal.

What I Liked

  • It’s a Doris Day film; what’s not to love? I was practically brought up on Doris Day films, my mum loved her, and so she almost feels like a part of the family. Granted, this isn’t even close to being one of her best films, but she brings charm and wit to all her performances.
  • Cary Grant was 58 when he made this film, and he’s still so attractive in it. He’s just about the suavest actor Hollywood ever produced, and I love him! He looks particularly good in a cardigan that he wears.
  • The best friend character (Connie) is played by an actress called Audrey Meadows. She’s not someone that I have ever seen before, but she’s brilliant in this role. She’s the perfect cynical foil for Doris Day’s professional virgin who is holding out for a marriage proposal. I’m always drawn to a wisecracking, cynical, sarcastic sidekick, mainly because I feel as though that is the role in which life has decided to cast me!
  • Talking of Connie, there’s a scene in which she is choosing a hair dye to spray on one section of her hair, à la Caitlin Moran and her grey streak. I love it, and want to do it myself! A different colour every day (if only!).
  • There is a scene in which Philip, who is super rich, arranges a date with Cathy at a Yankees game. As it turns out, because he owns part of the team, they watch from the dugout, and it’s the funniest scene in the film. It also features cameos from actual Yankees players, which of course means nothing to me! (Though I do recognise the name Mickey Mantle, even if I know nothing about him.)
  • There’s a scene in which a secretary is encouraged to take her glasses off and let down her hair, and I truly thought for a moment that it was going to be an actual moment where she miraculously becomes a fox. It wasn’t, and it was a pleasant surprise!

What I Didn’t Like

  • That Touch of Mink, as entertaining as it is, does pale in comparison to some of Doris Day’s other romantic comedies. Pillow Talk, Move Over Darling and The Thrill of It All are much better.
  • Gig Young’s character, Roger, is just a bit odd. He spends a lot of the film talking to a therapist about his friend, Philip, which leads the therapist to believe he is gay, though of course it this is never explicitly said. It’s obviously supposed to be the humorous B-plot, but it all just feels a bit strange!

As always when I write these posts, I have found it hard to find many negatives! I usually enjoy the films I watch, if I know I’m probably not going to enjoy it, I usually won’t watch it! That Touch of Mink was on the television one afternoon recently, and I watched it and enjoyed it. It wasn’t groundbreaking, but it was entertaining, and that’s usually what I’m after!

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