My Thoughts On… Sister Act

I watched Sister Act a few weeks ago, when I with my friends, and when I said that I have never seen it, my friend John actually said “Shut up!” in a thoroughly ridiculous manner. We were on our way out to a charity quiz night (which we totally won), and so we agreed to watch it when we returned. The trouble is, I got rather drunk at the quiz night, and so I watched Sister Act for the first time whilst inebriated. I am still counting it as a 52/52 film, because I remember the entire plot. But writing a blog post on it some two weeks later is proving a challenge. Apologies for the brevity.


Deloris, a lounge singer in Reno, witnesses her mobster boyfriend murdering a chauffeur. Fearing for her own life, the police place her in witness protection in an abbey, where she has to pose as a nun to stay safe.

What I Liked

  • Obviously, it’s hilariously funny. There are some films (at least there are in my life), that are funny because you can quote them, you’ve seen them a hundred times and they are firm family favourites, but other people don’t always ‘get’ them. I thought this might be the case with Sister Act which everyone else has been watching over and over again for the last twenty years. It wasn’t. It was genuinely funny.
  • Of course, much of that has to do with Whoopi Goldberg, who is hilarious. There’s no getting away from it. She’s the best thing about Ghost (don’t get me wrong, I do love that film, but she’s the star), and she’s hilarious as Deloris/Sister Mary Clarence.
  • Maggie Smith is also awesome in just about everything she does, and of course, as the resident Brit, she plays the uptight, stuffy character, and is the perfect foil for Sister Mary Clarence.
  • The music was all brilliant. I love a gospel choir, despite not being particularly religious, and all the songs were so much fun!

What I Didn’t Like

  • I always tend to baulk slightly at those “You have to watch it!” type of films. Most of the time, when I haven’t seen a film that everyone else thinks is amazing, or must-watch, it’s not because I don’t want to, it’s just that I have never got around to watching it. But when people spend so long going on about how you have got to watch a film, when it eventually comes to watching it, the result is usually just a little underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Sister Act, and will probably watch it again in the future. But I don’t feel as though I have particularly been missing out by not watching it up until now!

As I said, alcohol really impaired my ability to write a decent post about this film. I did enjoy it, and I don’t really have anything negative to say about the film as a whole, because it’s such a lot of fun, and as soon as ITV decide to start showing it every other Sunday afternoon again, as they seem to do from time to time, I shall probably find myself watching it again!

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