My thoughts on… The Amazing Spider-Man

I really need to get on top of my film posts. This actually brings me up to date, but it’s been a couple of weeks since I watched The Amazing Spider-Man, and I’ve had the notes in my notebook ever since, and I just kept forgetting to write it up! It’s causing me problems with my target, because I am reluctant to add any more watched films to the to-do list. So I’m giving myself a ticking off, and promising to do better in the future!


High school student Peter Parker finds himself with super human powers after being bitten by a genetically modified spider. Using his new powers to round up New York’s criminals, and falling in love with Gwen Stacy; he is also investigating his father’s disappearance, bringing him into conflict with Dr Curt Connors, his father’s old business partner.

What I Liked

  • Peter Parker is a big geek, and Andrew Garfield certainly gives good geek. He’s also very easy on the eye, which is nice, but more importantly, he plays Peter well, and makes him a lot easier to like and root for than Tobey Maguire ever did (not that it’s a competition).
  • Unlike many other people, I’m not in love with Emma Stone. I don’t hate her, I think she’s great, but I don’t have a massive crush on her. However, her voice is ace. I could listen to it all day.
  • It’s a particular rule of mine that Martin Sheen makes everything better. I genuinely believe this to be true. Sometimes when I am watching him, it feels a bit like he’s a family member, like an uncle or granddad. This is partly because of how familiar he feels to me after years of watching and rewatching The West Wing.
  • Sally Field is also brilliant in just about everything she does. I never get tired of watching her.
  • One of the best parts of any superhero film is the scene where they test out their powers for the first time. The Amazing Spider-Man film is no exception.
  • Talking of the powers, I very much appreciated the technological aspect of Spidey’s powers. The fact that he makes his own web rather than it being a part of the powers imbued upon him by the spider bite is a particularly nice touch, I feel.
  • When I watched Life of Pi, I commented on Irrfan Khan and how much I enjoyed looking at his face. He plays a small role in this film too, and I again appreciated his face. What I appreciated even more, however, was that he got to say Richard Parker in this film too, because that is Peter’s father’s name, as well as the tiger in Life of Pi. Awesome.

What I Didn’t Like

  • I was underwhelmed by the special effects used to create Lizard. He just didn’t look all that great, especially when we are used to brilliant motion capture work in films these days.
  • There’s a scene in which Gwen Stacy is talking to interns at Oscorp, and she brings up a virtual Tree of Life. It’s just nitpicking really, but it was all a little too high tech for me.

I loved it, basically, in the same way that I love most superhero films. It’s fun, and it’s escapism, and the performances were all good, and I’m excited for the sequel!

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