Look Up at the Stars and Not Down At Your Feet

On Saturday I had plans to spend the afternoon with my friend Hannah; we were originally just going to head to Maldon and visit the museum, and then I was planning on coming home and watching Doctor Who and The Voice. But then Hannah said that she was going to meet up with some people from the North Essex Astronomical Society so she could get some help with setting up her new telescope, and I decided to tag along. It was such a lovely day, and it allowed me to cross off a 31 Before 31 item, so I had to blog about it!

Sitting on my doorstep waiting for Hannah to arrive, and this was the colour of the sky. Glorious.

Promenade Park at Maldon is pretty great whatever the time of year, but when it’s sunny, it’s fabulous! We had some lunch and an ice cream!

I take so many photos of this statue! There are already three on my Instagram feed and I’ve only been on Instagram a few months! It’s a statue of Byrhtnoth, the Earldorman of Essex. I just think it’s rather photogenic!


A few photos from inside Maldon Museum, which is only a tiny museum but is packed full of local history. The jacket is a replica of a real one owned by a man called Edward Bright. He’s fairly famous as far as Maldon people go; he was obviously massively fat and when he died the window of his house had to be removed in order to get the body out!

As I said, Hannah needed some help setting up her telescope, so we headed over to Great Notley Country Park, where the North Essex Astronomical Society evidently hold monthly stargazing events. Members of the society show up with their telescopes, and the public are encouraged to come along and have a look through them! There were quite a lot of telescopes there, and quite a lot of people milling around, mainly families with children, who wanted to take a look. Hannah got some help setting hers up, and we took a look at the moon. As the sun hadn’t set, that was really all we could look at, although we did look at the sun through both a telescope and a pair of binoculars with filters on. We also managed to spot a hot air balloon and used a telescope to take a look at it, but it was moving rather fast and it was hard to keep track of!

Some added drama to the evening, a little boy had got his leg stuck in between the branches of a tree, which sounds ridiculous, but he was panicking and his mum couldn’t get him to pull it out, so we ran over and tried to help. I didn’t really do much; I’m not very strong or good at anything like that, but I did go and get more help when it became apparent that Hannah and one man weren’t going to get the job done. The little boy’s leg came out eventually and all was well!

We ended the evening with a tasty meal at The Harvester in Chelmsford, which did nothing for my diet, but was yummy!

19. Use a telescope

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