My Thoughts On… The Man Who Knew Too Much


An American family on holiday in Morocco accidentally become embroiled in an assassination plot; after their son is kidnapped they follow his captors to London to get him back.

What I Liked

  • James Stewart is one of my favourite actors, so it’s always a joy to watch any film starring him.
  • Likewise, I love Doris Day, and it’s nice to see a change of pace from her usual romantic comedy/musical fare. She does get to sing; she sings Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera Sera), a song I love. But the large majority of her performance is as a mother whose son has been kidnapped, and she plays it marvellously, particularly the moment when she finds out.
  • There’s a scene where the McKennas, played by Stewart and Day, go to an Arabic restaurant. Benjamin McKenna is totally uncomfortable is his surroundings, sitting close to the floor, struggling with eating with his thumb and forefinger. I don’t think anyone plays ill-at-ease as well as James Stewart; while Doris Day’s character joins in with glee, he can’t sit down properly, and can’t get his head around the correct way to eat. It’s a great scene!
  • The build up to the climax of the film, set in the Royal Albert Hall where the foreign Prime Minister is due to be assassinated, is the most tense moment of the film. I suppose it’s what you come to expect from a Hitchcock film!
  • It’s always fun to spot the directorial cameo in a Hitchcock film; in The Man Who Knew Too Much it comes at the marketplace.


What I Didn’t Like

I can’t think of one thing that I could put on this list. I really enjoyed this film!

One thought on “My Thoughts On… The Man Who Knew Too Much

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