Food Glorious Food ~ BEDM

Despite the fact that I clearly like food (a lot), when I sat down to think about what to write for today’s post, I struggled. Although I like to cook, I am not the most experimental person. I tend to cook variations on a theme, involving a limited set of ingredients.

So I’ve decided to share with you a few of the recipes I have pinned to my Y is for Yummy Pinterest board. They are a few things that I am going to try and make in the future.


First up are these Parmesan and Chilli Fries. I have to confess that I do love chips (hence why I am always trying to lose weight), and these look as though they would be a great alternative to standard fries. The recipe can be found here.

Potato Pizza

Potato Pizza is something that I have only eaten three times in my life, but it’s honestly up there as one of my favourites foods. Sure, it’s carb overload, but that kind of thing doesn’t really bother me (hence why I am always trying to lose weight – again). I had for the first time in Canada when I went to stay with my friend, and her Italian mum made it. I have actually made this one myself, but only one, and I always forget how much I love it. I’m going to try and make it again soon! The recipe can be found here.

Essex Spice Cakes

I had never heard of Essex Spice Cakes until I was browsing through an Essex book in a bookshop and saw a recipe. I want to make them because of course, I am from Essex, and also I think that. despite the fact that they are called cakes, they might actually be more like a biscuit. Which means that they would count towards my goal to make ten different biscuits (or cookies, if you are American) before my birthday. I don’t know the history of the Essex Spice Cake, but if I do make them I’m going to try and find out! The recipe can be found here.

So there you have it, three recipes that are definitely in my future. I have a lot of biscuits on that Pinterest board, because of my 31 Before 31 goal to bake those ten different ones. But I’m going to be scouring Pinterest to find more recipes, because it’s definitely time to branch out and get a bit more adventurous with my cooking!

4 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food ~ BEDM

  1. Oh, yum!! Those chips look AMAZING!! I make homemade oven chips chips fairly regulalrly – my boyfirned loves them and they’re way healthier than the shop-bought kind :-)

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