My Thoughts On… Evil Under the Sun

Just a quick reminder that My Thoughts On… posts may contain spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the film in question, it may be best to move on!


Trying to find how a millionaire wound up with a phony diamond brings Hercule Poirot to an exclusive island resort frequented by the rich and famous. When a murder is committed, everyone has an alibi. (from IMDb)

What I Liked

  • I started watching this because it was on one Sunday afternoon on the television, and I knew I hadn’t seen it before. As a rule, I don’t tend to watch adaptations of Agatha Christie books that I haven’t read, because I am slowly making my way through them and I want to read each book first. I thought I had read Evil Under the Sun before, but I couldn’t be sure, and it took me a good twenty minutes to realise that I had. But I didn’t remember who the murderer was, meaning I could watch it and enjoy the mystery!
  • Poirot stories, whether it’s the books, the David Suchet television series, or the occasional film, are always good fun. They vary in quality, to be honest, and sometimes the mystery isn’t that exciting, or hard to solve. Evil Under the Sun is OK, it didn’t have my heart racing like some of them do, and it was a little far-fetched. But that’s the fun of an Agatha Christie story – the coincidences have to all come together to foil the murderer!
  • The film looks rather beautiful; set in the Mediterranean with lots of sunshine and sparkling blue seas. It’s all very lavish; the resort is designed to appeal to the richest people in the world.
  • The cast is pretty great; Peter Ustinov does a great job as Poirot himself, and then you have the likes of Dame Maggie Smith, Dame Diana Rigg, James Mason and Roddy McDowell providing fabulous and camp (especially in the case of Smith, Rigg and McDowell) support.
  • There is lots of lovely music from Cole Porter, with Anything Goes featuring as a prominent theme. I love Anything Goes!

What I Didn’t Like

  • There’s not an awful lot not to like about this film; it’s pretty ideal for a Sunday afternoon in front of the television with a cup of tea. But if I had to pick on one thing, it would probably be the acting performance of the young Emily Hone, who gets an ‘Introducing’ credit here, but isn’t great. She has one more credit to her name after Evil Under the Sun; it’s no surprise to me that she pursued a career outside acting.

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