July on Is That You Darling

I thought July had been a slow month on the blogging front due to some problems with my computer access, but it wasn’t too bad, looking back.


I reviewed a pair of Superdry glasses from Pretavoir, online film rentals from Blinkbox, and I helped Crafty Creatives celebrate their first birthday!

My Thoughts On

There were a lot of film posts in July, as I tried to get up to date with all the films I have been watching! I gave my thoughts on Safety Not Guaranteed, Torn Curtain, Tiny Furniture, Limitless, The Hurt Locker, Fair Game, and The Magnificent Seven.

Essex Loves

I interviewed Alexia from Two Little Ducks for my on-going Essex Loves series.

Tuesday Treats

There was only time for one Tuesday Treat in July; I celebrated finishing Lost by dedicating a Tuesday Treat to all the beautiful men of the series.

Everything Else

I wrote about getting back to running, how I like to rewatch favourite television shows, going to see Bon Jovi, making afternoon tea in a box for a birthday present, the simple pleasure of beans of toast, and a kitchen wishlist.

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