31 Before 31 ~ Give Blood

I included Give Blood on my 31 Before 31 list because it’s been a while since I had done it. I used to go fairly regularly, but for some reason, life got in the way, and as it turns out, it has been seven years since I last donated. Seven years! When they mentioned that at my appointment I was quite shocked!

The last time I did it, I went to one near where I was working at the time, as it was organised through my company. They messed around for a while with the needle, claiming that they couldn’t find a vein, and left me with the biggest bruise I’ve ever had. It spread across my entire forearm and looked as though I had been beaten with something heavy! I don’t think it actually put me off donating again, but I won’t lie and say I wasn’t a little bit concerned that the same thing might happen again. It wasn’t the massive bruise that I minded so much, more the unpleasant sensation of the lady poking around looking for a vein!

This time round, everything went as smoothly as it had before, the last time notwithstanding. I always find that the most unpleasant part of the whole process is the part where they prick your finger to test for anaemia. That hurts! The insertion of the needle and the actual taking of the blood is not a problem for me at all.

I wrote about my reasons for wanting to give blood a few months ago. After I published the post, I got at least three people telling me that I had inspired them to donate blood themselves. That’s a pretty great result from a blog post from little old me! As well as giving blood, I’ve also signed up to be an organ donor, and the card came a couple of months ago. I’m always struck by how easy it is to do something like this, and know that you are genuinely helping other people.

Because I live in the back of beyond, I cannot donate blood again at the closest location to me until May of next year. This is because the sports hall that is used gets too cold in the winter! But there are another couple of places I can go to, and I fully intend to. I don’t want to leave it seven years again before I donate!

24. Give Blood

31 Before 31

4 thoughts on “31 Before 31 ~ Give Blood

  1. I mentioned before that I’m not allowed to give blood in Germany because of BSE. I do, however, have a German organ doner card. Because obviously my organs aren’t swimming in the very same blood that I’m not allowed to donate…

    • So bizarre! It’s like the whole thing about gay men not being able to donate in this country, although it has been change recently, it’s still not universal. It just seems so odd!

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