BEDN ~ 31 Before 31 – Bake ten different biscuits

I have a long list of posts that need to be written, but I thought that most of them would have to wait until after I had finished BEDN. Luckily, as a happy coincidence, one of the posts that need to be written was about food, so today is a good day to write it!

For those people who have just arrived at my blog courtesy of BEDN, you may not know that I am just approaching the of my 31 Before 31 list. Every year I create a list of items that I have to achieve before my next birthday, and one of them this year was to bake ten new biscuits. I’m falling behind with this challenge, and I don’t honestly know if I’m going to be able to cross it off, but I made a little progress a couple of weeks ago when I baked some chocolate chip cookies for my nephew’s birthday. Ordinarily, chocolate chip cookies wouldn’t count for this goal, because I’ve made them in the past, but these had a twist. They had a Rolo baked into each one!

I got the idea from Pinterest (isn’t that where all the best ideas come from?), and it was quite simple; make your favourite chocolate chip cookies, push a Rolo into the middle, and bake!




I tried one straight out of the oven, and they were yummy! I haven’t heard back from Robbie as to how much he liked them, but I should think that they all got eaten up!

Seven down, three to go on number four of 31 Before 31 – bake ten different biscuits.

31 Before 31

13 thoughts on “BEDN ~ 31 Before 31 – Bake ten different biscuits

  1. ohh wowww I am soo hungry reading all these food posts! This has got to be one of the yummiest looking ones so far :)


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