31 Before 31 ~ Hitchcock Films

Yesterday was my 31st birthday, and as such, it marked the deadline for my 31 Before 31 list. As ever, I took things right to the wire, and ended up watching four Hitchcock films in 36 hours.

I ended up completing last year’s film challenge on my birthday itself, and to try and avoid the sprint finish, I reduced the number this year from fifteen to twelve. It didn’t work. I still ended up watching the final film on my birthday!

  • I started with Notorious on 28th December, and finished with The Birds on 12th November.
  • James Stewart starred in three of the films I watched, and Tippi Hedren starred in two.
  • Four of the films were from the 1940s, and four were from the 1960s.
  • I only watched one (out of a total of five) films for which Hitchcock received an Best Director Oscar nomination.

Picking a favourite is hard, but if pushed, it would probably be Rope. I’m yet to write my regular blog posts on the final five on the list (I’m very behind), but I enjoyed really enjoyed them all, and was surprised by how much I enjoyed Vertigo and Psycho in the end.

I’m really glad that I managed to complete this goal, because the whole point was to remedy the fact that although I consider myself a Hitchcock fan, I hadn’t seen many of his films! My overall total is now 17 out of 53, and I’ll be keeping my list going and crossing them off as I watch them. Thankfully I don’t have to work to a deadline now!

2. Watch 12 new Hitchcock films

6 thoughts on “31 Before 31 ~ Hitchcock Films

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  2. We have a collection of Hitchcock films somewhere although I never seem to find the find to watch all of them. Have you seen the Hitchcock version of Rebecca? It’s my favorite book and Hitchcock managed to capture the tenseness and eeriness of the tale so well!

    • I haven’t seen Rebecca, mainly because I started the book a while ago but didn’t finish it (not because I wasn’t enjoying it, but because it had to go back to the library!). I wanted to finish the book before I watched the film so you’ve reminded me that I need to take it out of the library again!

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