My Thoughts On… Star Trek

Just a quick reminder that My Thoughts On… posts may contain spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the film in question, it may be best to move on!


The brash James T. Kirk tries to live up to his father’s legacy with Mr. Spock keeping him in check as a vengeful, time-traveling Romulan creates black holes to destroy the Federation one planet at a time. (via IMDB)

What I Liked

  • I’ve never watched so much as half a minute of Star Trek, in any form. I’ve never seen a television episode, or a film, and so, other than knowing it was set in space, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised! I knew that the reboot had garnered a lot of positive reaction, from fans of the franchise and newcomers alike, and this is why I wanted to watch it in the first place, but I wasn’t really prepared to enjoy it quite as much as I actually did.
  • Star Trek has such a long and rich history, and when trying to break into a franchise this far into it, I always worry that I’m going to miss too much (I feel this way about every comic book series in existence). But I felt as though this film did a good job at welcoming new fans, and, as far as I can tell from the general reception, it was able to pacify any hardened Trekkies/Trekkers who may have been worried about it.
  • I am a big fan of time travel as a concept in fiction, so I really enjoyed that aspect of it. I particularly enjoyed the fact that there was a present and future Spock.
  • Talking of Spock, this whole film was made by the fact that I totally love Zachary Quinto. This is a fairly new discovery; I never really liked him in Heroes, but he’s in an X-Box One advert, and he does a tiny little raise of the eyebrow that I adore. As Spock, he’s incredibly charismatic and attractive. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to feel that way about Spock, but I do.
  • I didn’t expect Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Morrison and Winona Ryder to be in it, and though they didn’t stick around for very long, it was a nice surprise to see them pop up. I even had to check that it was Chris Hemsworth, because even though it looked just like it, I was convinced I would have known if he was in it, and thought it might be one of his brothers!
  • I enjoyed the supporting characters of Sulu, Chekov and Bones, and I had actually heard of Sulu and Bones before! Maybe I wasn’t such a Star Trek neophyte!

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What I Didn’t Like

  • I didn’t really like James/Captain Kirk/James T. Kirk/Jim (what am I supposed to call him?), though I think I am supposed to. Or certainly, I was supposed to have warmed to him by the end of the film, when he proves his worth. I don’t know if it has something to do with Chris Pine, of whom I am not a huge fan, or the character himself, but I never really took to him.
  • I also didn’t really enjoy the performance of Simon Pegg either. I don’t know what it was, though I suspect it was probably the Scottish accent that I didn’t find particularly convincing.
  • Another gripe about the use of a female character in a male-dominated cast. Zoe Saldana is ace as Uhura, and it’s clear that she is quite brilliant, but she isn’t really given an awful lot to do, except try to comfort Spock (with whom she’s involved in a relationship) when he is mourning his mother’s death. I have to confess to being pleasantly surprised that she was with Spock rather than Kirk, because that was how I was expecting things to turn out, but I wish she’s been given slightly more to do.

Again, this is a film where, although I have written at length about the things I didn’t like, I actually really enjoyed the film, almost despite myself. I really want to watch the sequel now, partly because of how much I enjoyed this one, and partly because of the bonus Benedict.

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts On… Star Trek

  1. Oh Star Trek – my geeky passion. While the films are set in a different universe to the original story lines, they certainly maintained parts of the character of Kirk for the film – he was a bit of an unlike-able character in TOS so I can see why they didn’t alter it too much for the film. As for the character of Uhura she’s actually the fourth in command (at least in TOS and I therefore amuse the same in the film) and in the original series is very important – she was the first black female actress in a role of power and she shared the second interracial kiss on TV with Kirk so it pleased me that she was kept in. It’s not too surprising the Uhara/Spock relationship – Kirks a lady’s man. Sometimes I think it’s hard to understand parts of the character background without knowing the Star Trek background (I also think that about understanding Star Trek reference jokes on the Big Bang Theory and guest appearances).

    As a Star Trek fan myself, and having just being so absorbed in watching the original series in the last couple of months again, while I like the remake films, they are missing the feel and part of the cheese of the TV show. Shanter’s Kirk makes the TV show – he is Kirk to me, it’s hard to get over that at times.

    To be honest, I probably pull it apart too much!

    • I think that’s the longest comment I’ve ever received! :)

      I see your point about Uhura as far as the series goes, I know she’s very important as a character for a number of reasons, I just felt as though she was slightly underused in the film. I guess they are limited though in what they can do, and you’re right, having a knowledge of her background would probably have helped!

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