75 Books in 2013

So here we are, on the last day of the year, and as I know I won’t be finishing any books before the end of the day, it’s safe to share my 2013 books without the fear that I am missing any out!

In 2012, I surpassed my aim of 75 books by eight, and I almost upped the challenge for 2013. I am so glad I didn’t, because various factors meant that I actually only just reached 75! I finished the 75th book on 27th December, meeting the challenge with just days to go!

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A few stats:

  • Last year Goodreads told me that I had read just over 30,000 pages. This year’s total was just 22,656. I read quite a few young adult books this year, and they always tend to run a bit shorter, so this isn’t a big surprise.
  • My most-read author was Lee Child. This is a surprise, because it feels like so long ago that I was reading the Jack Reacher books that I can’t believe it was this year! I stopped because I think I just read too many in a short space of time, and I got a little bored. But I’m planning to go back to them soon!
  • 23 of my books were read as part of my A-Z challenge.
  • This year only one of my 75 was a re-read! I have been trying to limit my re-reads in the last two years. I used to re-read a lot, but since I started using the library more regularly, I have so many more books at my disposal, and there just isn’t time to go back to ones I’ve read before!
  • This year I gave seven books five stars (as opposed to eight last year): The House Girl, My Life by David Jason, The Cuckoo’s Calling, Wonder, The Truth About Melody Browne, The Fault in Our Stars, and The Presidents Club.

I’m really pleased that I managed to complete my challenge, but, as with last year, I’m mostly just pleased that I’ve had a year full of reading. Not all the books were great, but the majority of them were, and it’s nice to be able to cross off another challenge. I’m sticking to 75 again next year, and I’m going to try hard not to leave it so late next time!

What was your total in 2013? Do you have any recommendations for me? Please feel free to add me on Goodreads if you have an account, I keep track of all my books on there.

7 thoughts on “75 Books in 2013

  1. Christ you’ve read SO many! Well done! You’ve actually made me realise I need to do far more reading in 2014. I only managed 33 books this year which is pretty ridiculous considering my aim was 50. Happy new year :) xxx

    • Happy New Year to you! I am pleased with my total, but I’m not pleased I left it so late to get it done! I’m going to be more proactive this year! Happy reading in 2014! :)

    • Yeah, I managed 83 in 2012, and that was with loads more pages. I’m not sure what happened last year. I think too many distractions, but I’m definitely going to get back on track in 2014.

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