54 Films in 2013

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m a wee bit behind with some of posts. This really should have gone up at the end of 2013, rather than three days in 2014. But it’s here now, and that’s all that matters!

If you’re a new reader of Is That You Darling, you may not be aware that I set myself a yearly goal of watching 52 new-to-me films. 52 obviously works out as one a week, although I don’t actually watch them weekly. I tend to watch a whole bunch together, and then miss a few weeks, and then watch some more.

I never worry about my film total in the same way I worry about reaching my annual book target. I know I’ll always get there in the end, although this year it did take me slightly longer (in 2012 I watched my 52nd film on 2nd November, this year it took me until 16th December), and as such I only exceeded my total by two this time. Here is what 2013 looked like for me in films.

January - March 2013 Films

April - June 2013 Films

July - September 2013 Films

October - December 2013 Films

  • Of the 54 films, I watched nine at the cinema (compared to last year’s 13), 23 on DVD, ten on the television, and 12 online.
  • I watched nine of the films with Anna, and eight with Jen. 33 of them were watched by myself.
  • Eleven of the films I watched were directed by Alfred Hitchcock, because I was completing my 31 Before 31 item to watch twelve of his films I had never seen. I also saw Hitchcock at the cinema, so it was a very Hitchcockian year!
  • This is a hard statistic to work out, but I think my most watched actors were James Stewart and Steve Carrell, with three films each. I’ve worked this out with a quick perusal of the films, it could be wrong!
  • My favourite films of the year were: The Impossible, Rope, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Green Mile, Safety Not Guaranteed, Crazy Stupid Love, Shutter Island, Vertigo and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
  • My least favourite was Anchorman. I knew going in that it wasn’t going to be my cup of tea, and it wasn’t!

8 thoughts on “54 Films in 2013

    • I did get through a lot – one a week is quite easy really, so I think it’s a pretty easy challenge! I read the book of Perks a few years ago, so I was glad to finally see the film, and relieved that I loved it!

    • That’s why I set myself the challenge of 52 in 52 – I wasn’t watching enough films and what u was watching was the sane old thing, time and again! It’s been good to broaden my horizons!

    • Yeah, I think one a week works out really well – not too much pressure! There’s always something on the telly I’ve been meaning to watch for years!

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