32 Before 32 ~ Make a video for my blog

I’ve been wanting to make a video for a while. I’m not really into the whole YouTube scene; there are a few bloggers who also dip their toe into the world of videos that I like to keep up with (Penny at Lillies and Love and Becky at Becky Bedbug in particular), but I don’t often watch the videos of the YouTube glitterati.

But I decided that I could probably turn my hand to making a video without it being too terrible, and so I decided to put it on my 32 Before 32 list in the hope that it would spur me on. And it has! I made the video last week, and I edited it in the most basic way possible (using Windows Live Movie Maker). I know that proper YouTubers have lots of fancy equipment, but I have to work with what I have, and I don’t think the results are too bad!

So without further ado, I’d like to present my YouTube debut. Please be nice; constructive criticism would be very welcome but I’m fairly delicate so please couch it in the nicest possible terms!


If, for any reason, you can’t see the video, you can find it on my YouTube page here.

Watching it back, I realised that I talk quite fast, so I should probably slow down if I do any more videos! I’ve also spotted a whole load of other things that I want to avoid in the future, but it’s probably not a good idea to list them all here! It’s probably just me being nitpicky, so I’m just taking them on board and hopefully I’ll remember them next time (hopefully there will be a next time!).

27. Make a video for my blog

6 thoughts on “32 Before 32 ~ Make a video for my blog

  1. Hi Jane! I checked my Twitter feed a few moments ago, and someone used #bookbloggers in their tweet. I clicked the hashtag, and there you were with your first video, so I popped on over to watch! :-) Very nice! I watched it from start to end, and I think you did a wonderful job. Yes, you talked a tad fast, but I didn’t find it to be a problem. I wouldn’t change anything.

    Aren’t libraries fantastic! I like the mix of books you’ve chosen to read. The libraries around here periodically cull books and then sell them at their book sales for 50 cents or a dollar. I have four bookcases full of books that are waiting to be read. I should take a page from you and simply read “x” number of pages per day and start working through them.

    I’ll be sure to stop by your YouTube channel and follow. I’m looking forward to your next installment! :-)

    • Hi Maddie, thanks so much for stopping by! I’m glad to know that my post reached at least someone on the #bookbloggers hashtag!

      Thanks for your kind words about the video too – it’s so encouraging to know that people enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to making some more now :)

      I love libraries; I couldn’t live without mine. I can’t afford to buy books (nor do I have the space) that often, so I am always at my library! Sounds as though your library is great too – you obviously get lots of bargain books!


  2. Hi Lovely, we met at the XmasEssex bloggers meet up & I just wanted to say I loved your first YouTube vid! Feeling really inspired to pick up a good read now & loved your recommendations. Will also be checking out Simon Mayo’s book club podcast. Really looking forward to more videos from you, especially on what you’re currently reading. x

    • Hi Jasmin, thanks for your comment! I was thinking about the Essex Bloggers Meet the other day, and thinking that I had never followed your blog! So I’m glad you commented, because it reminded me to!

      Thanks so much for the encouragement on the video – I needed it because I was so self concious about posting it! xx

      • Aww that’s sweet Janey, thank you. You’re welcome re the comment. I really do enjoy regarding your blog and love that you’re a library fan too.

        I haven’t done any youtube vids yet for my blog, a bit too scared. Yours is great. Maybe one day I’ll give the video thing a go xx

  3. I know I’m quite behind on commenting but I think for your first attempt, that’s pretty darn cool! You’re far more brave than I am and for the record, I don’t think you talk too fast; I understood everything you said and have now put Elephant Moon and Charlotte Street on my ‘want to read’ list. :-)

    If you haven’t already read them, I’d recommend Gabrielle Zevin’s Elsewhere, plus Helen Dunmore’s Ingo series and Eleanor Updale’s Montmorency series – they’re all young adult books but have fab storylines and characters. xx

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