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Well now. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that yesterday I said that as much as I enjoyed taking part in last year’s Blog Every Day in May challenge with Rosalilum, I wouldn’t be attempting it this year. May is just too busy for me, and blogging has had to take a back seat for me in the last few weeks with everything that I have had going on.

And yet, here we are. The temptation proved too great, and I decided that I was going to try it anyway. Last year I managed Blog Every Day in May and Blog Every Day in November and, despite putting myself under immense pressure, I managed a) to blog each and every day, and b) write about the assigned topic for each of the days barring one. This time, that’s probably not going to happen. I’m going to try, but I’m not going to worry if it doesn’t happen. It is going to be good for getting me back into the habit of posting regularly, which, to my shame, hasn’t been a priority just lately.

Today’s prompt asks me to write about my blog. What is it all about? This is an interesting question, because I feel as though it has undergone a bit of a change in recent months. While I’ve always considered myself a lifestyle blogger, just lately, I’ve amended my description to say lifestyle and book blogger. Books are such a huge part of my life that I wanted my blog to reflect that, so I’ve upped the amount of book reviews and general book posts. I still want to incorporate all of the usual lifestyle posts, including days out, films I’ve seen, the very (very) occasional outfit post, but I want people to think of me as a book blogger as well as a lifestyle blogger.

So what might you expect to find here at Is That You Darling? Time for a list.

  • Book reviews, book wishlists, library lists; really any way I can find to write about books.
  • My 32 Before 32 list. Every year, I make a list of things I want to do before my next birthday, and then I spend the year trying to check them off. My birthday is in November, giving me another six months to get everything done. It’s not going too well so far, but I’m going to be trying really hard over the summer to get a few more ticked off!
  • What do to in 2014. As well as my birthday list, I make a list of ‘resolutions’ at the start of the year. They involve books, films and outings, and I usually manage to achieve around half of them.
  • Every time I watch a film, I write a My Thoughts On… post about it. They aren’t reviews, they are literally just a list of things I liked and things I didn’t like about the film.
  • Each week, I try to write a Mondaying post. This is in lieu of a ‘My Week in Photos’ post that I know a lot of bloggers do, and it’s just a way to keep me updating regularly, and keeping a sort of diary of what I’m up to.

There are some topics that crop up time and time again here, due mainly to my slightly obsessive personality. Time for another list.

  • The West Wing, my favourite television show of all time.
  • Mark Kermode, Simon Mayo, and Wittertainment. This is a very current obsession, and I won’t go long between mentions. Whether it’s books, radio shows, podcasts or personal appearances, I’m on a one woman mission to prove that I’m a superfan.
  • My friends. Anna, Vicky and Jen comprise Team VAJJ, in case you ever see a mention and wonder what I’m talking about. Hannah has been assimilated into the team, now called Team VHAJJ. Richard warrants a mention too, even though I never get to see him.
  • My family, of whom I try not to post too many photos (particularly the children). I have a massive family and I spent a lot of time with them, so they pop up a bit.
  • Photos. I am currently tentatively taking part in Photo a Day project, taking it one month at a time on Instagram. You’ll see monthly roundups of this project.
  • Any and all of the following: Barack Obama, the US political system at large, EastEnders, television in general, Bon Jovi, attractive old men, unattractive old men, snooker, knitting, Radio 2, Essex Bloggers, the odd product review, and very occasional videos.

So that’s my very long and boring introduction to Blog Every Day in May 2014. Welcome to Is That You Darling if you’re new here. If not, I’m guessing you knew all of that anyway, and you’re just thinking “Stop going on about Simon Mayo.”

17 thoughts on “Blog Every Day in May

  1. Hurray!! I did BEDM last year and said I wouldn’t do it this year but I’ve been tempted to dip my toes in again. I’m making no bold statements though.

    High five for The West Wing! I think it might be time to dig out my boxsets now you’ve said that.

    • I feel it’s always a good time to dig out a West Wing box set! It still has my heart, all these years later! :)

      Looking forward to reading all your BEDM posts!

  2. I think it’s totally feasible to have a main category for your blog, such as book blogging, and then a sub category of lifestyle. Sounds like a lovely way to blog.
    Happy BEDM day and I can’t wait to read your posts!

  3. I am going to follow this blog of yours because I think I will enjoy it very much have fun on BEDM I’m looking forward to writing mine too! X

  4. Looking forward to reading more of your BEDM blog posts! I can’t label my blog as it’s such a mix of things but I do book reviews too, so super glad to find more book bloggers! Also I did a 25 Before 25 thing on my blog 2 years ago, so your 32 Before 32 will be interesting! I’m over at if you’re interested in checking me out :)

    • Thanks for stopping by! I just popped over and took a look at your blog and added two books to my to-read list from your latest post :)

      My 32 Before 32 list is going quite badly, but I always have a little rally in the last few months and get lots done!

  5. I will definitely be following your blog for new books to read.
    I’d love to do a 38 Before 38 (eek so old) and I may just do it now. Got to think of 38 things to do first haha

  6. You’re much braver than me! I’ve tried the November challenge last year…and failed after about 3 days. But keep it up–I look forward to reading what you post!

  7. I refuse to give my blog a label because I want to be able to write about anything I want! I recently had two book-related posts in a row, but I also have recipes, travel posts, bits about life in Germany… Some people refer to me as an expat blogger, but I like to imagine I’m so much more than that!

    • You definitely are more than that! My favourite blogs are the ones that talk about all sorts of different things, so I wouldn’t rush to label your blog either!

  8. Hello fellow #BEDM-er! Yours is a blog I discovered through #BEDM last year – look forward to reading the rest of this years #BEDM posts! :-) xx

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