My Thoughts On… The Baby-Sitters Club

Just a quick reminder that My Thoughts On… posts may contain spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the film in question, please skip down to the section titled Why Should You See This Film? where you will find no spoilers!

My rule is that I do a My Thoughts On… post on each and every film I see, so the fact that is a silly film that I only watched because I loved The Baby-sitters Club series of books doesn’t mean that I can leave it out. It does mean, however, that this post isn’t going to be the most comprehensive one I’ve ever done.


It’s the story about seven very different best friends, and one summer that will bring them together like never before. (via IMDb)

What I Liked

  • As I mentioned, I read The Baby-Sitters Club series when I was younger, and I’ve made it my mission in recent years to try and collect the entire series. I still love reading them, a fact that I am not ashamed about in the slightest. This film was on the television on Easter Sunday, when I was at my niece’s house, and she hit record and told me to come round some time and watch it. Then I noticed it was on US Netflix, so I decided to watch it on a Friday night when I had nothing else to do. I’ve been wanting to watch it for years, just because I know the characters of the books so well, and I wanted to see how well they were translated to the screen. I wasn’t disappointed in this respect, because all the main characteristics of the seven members of the club were there in abundance. Kristy was annoying, Mary-Anne was timid, Claudia was arty. That was what I wanted, and that was what I got.
  • The main storyline was also fine; the girls arrange a summer club for the children of the town and chaos ensues. In the background there’s a storyline involving Kristy and her father which, whilst not necessarily taken directly from the books (I can’t quite remember), also works pretty well.
  • It’s always nice, when you watch a film like this, to spot the child actors who went on to do other work. Rachel Leigh Cook is probably the most famous one, but there’s also Larisa Oleynik, Austin O’Brien and Marla Sokoloff, who I spent the whole time wondering from where I recognised her, only to realise she played Joey’s youngest sister in friends.

What I DIdn’t Like

  • Even as a BSC mega-fan, it wasn’t the most thrilling film in the world. It was a bit boring at times, to be honest!

Why Should You See This Film?

Honestly? Unless you’re a huge fan of the series of books on which this film is based, I would steer clear. And even then, it’s not necessarily worth your time, unless you have ninety minutes to kill. Maybe if you’re the parent of a ten year old, they may enjoy it.

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