32 Before 32

Every year I make a list of things I want to achieve before my birthday. This year, as I turn 32 in November 2014, I will be attempting 32 Before 32.

1. Read ten books from 1982
2. Read ten non fiction books
3. Ride a horse
4. Go to Highgate Cemetery
5. Go to Liverpool
6. Make six chocolate bars
7. Do ten outfit posts
8. Learn to play chess
9. Ride a unicycle
10. Complete a Photo an Hour post monthly
11. Learn every world capital
12. Learn how to say hello, goodbye, please and thank you in fifteen languages
13. Knit myself a jumper
14. Volunteer
15. Sew a piece of clothing
16. Start writing a novel
17. Go to a blogger event
18. Visit a new British county
19. Go line dancing
20. Visit Westminster Abbey
21. Be a healthy weight
22. Run 5K
23. Watch a television series from Empire’s Greatest 50 TV Shows of All Time
24. Get a tattoo
25. Visit my old school for a tour
26. Watch ten films from the AFI 100 Year… 100 Laughs list
27. Make a video for my blog
28. Eat one of the Guardian’s Perfect Burgers
29. Enter a writing competition
30. Go to Broadcasting House for a tour
31. Try a new foreign food
32. Do something awesome for my birthday

6 thoughts on “32 Before 32

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