About Me

I’m Jane, and this is my blog! Thanks for finding my little corner of the internet, I hope you enjoy what you see. I’m not as vain as the above collage may make me appear, but finding one decent photo of myself was a trial. I thought the cumulative effect of lots was preferable!

My blog, in its current carnation as Is That You Darling, was born in May of 2012, but I have actually been blogging in one way or another for almost ten years.

Is That You Darling is a UK lifestyle blog, where I write about everything and anything under the sun. I don’t like to limit myself in my blogging, and I think the lifestyle umbrella allows me to talk about all sorts of things.

The name Is That You Darling comes from my love of the film Dial M for Murder. It has been a firm favourite for many years, and I love that it is now a big part of my life in the form of my blog name!

I’m an Essex based blogger, and I’ve recently turned thirty. I love to read and write, and I watch lots of television! Baking, knitting and crafty-based endeavours form a big part of my life, and if you stick around for long enough, you’ll be sure to see a blog post on one or any of the above!

Please feel free to email me if you’d like to get in contact. I’m a PR friendly blogger and will happily consider any opportunities to find out about new products. Please see my disclaimer for further information.

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I LOVE your list!! I also love coloured tights, reading, lists, rainbows and stars (among other things). Also, I just saw in your 31 before 31 list that you want to learn German. I live in Germany! I’m so following your blog from now on :-)

    • Thanks for stopping by! I do want to learn German – I did it at GCSE but have forgotten everything! I’m going to try real hard! I’m following you too :)

  2. Just found your blog; love it! Was beginning to think there were no bloggers 30+ out there! Im currently compiling my own 31 before 31, great to see you’re doing it too :)

    • Yay for 30+ bloggers! I’ve been doing a birthday list for years, I love it and it certainly gets me doing things I might not do otherwise!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Oooh I just stumbled across your blog! Well done for sticking to the knitting, I was taking part (very modestly only) in the Big Knit too. I must say your hats look a lot more cheery than mine. Love this place, it’s so full of goodies! :)

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