32 Before 32 ~ BBC Broadcasting House Tour

When I put ‘Go to ‘BBC Broadcasting House for a tour’ on my 32 Before 32 list, I wasn’t entirely sure it was actually going to happen. I always hope for the best with these things, but my track record isn’t great. Then, I booked tickets to see a screening of Jeremy with Mark Kermode, and as I was going to be in London anyway, I thought I would take the opportunity to go to the BBC, and actually tick something off my list!

I was initially going to go on my own, but then when I thought about it, I knew that it would be more fun with friends, so I asked Anna and Rob to come along with me. All of the photos that you see here are courtesy of Rob; he always has his camera with him, and he takes excellent photos. He sometimes take a little bit of time to make the photos available for public viewing, but let’s forgive him for that.

Before we went in, we did a spot of geocaching (it was Anna’s first time).

The BBC newsroom.

Rob read the news, and was very good at it too!

In the One Show studio! We sat in Alex and Matt’s seats, and I had to quickly park my bum on the guest seat too. Imagine how many famous bums have sat on that seat!


Rob also volunteered (or was volunteered) for a role in a radio play. He played the butler, and stole the show!

As you can probably see from my face in most of the photos, I had a lovely time. I’m a big fan of the BBC, and it’s an institution with a lot of history, so it was great to have a look around. There was also the opportunity for a bit of celeb-spotting; I saw Richard Bacon before we went in, and then we saw Sophie Raworth going into the building (Rob missed her, and we were gutted for him, because he loves her!). We then missed seeing Matt LeBlanc by mere seconds (very annoying!), and then while I was hanging around outside by myself trying to kill some time before I had to get over to see Jeremy (and definitely not trying to spot any radio DJs that might be making their way to work), Stephen McGann, of McGann brother and Call the Midwife fame walked passed me singing a song. So that was nice.

But obviously I didn’t just go because I wanted to spot some BBC faces; I love television and everything that goes with it, so it was great to get inside the home of a world famous institution. I might just go again, because my sister was quite jealous when I told her I was going. It’s only £13.75 (with a booking fee on top), so it’s not overly expensive, and I think it’s well worth it!

30. Go to Broadcasting House for a tour

Be True to Your School

Look; you wait six months for an outfit post, and then two come along at once! Not that I suppose for one minute you were waiting for more photos of me looking awkward, but there you have it. It’s time for another outfit post, because as I mentioned in my last one, I have another outfit that I love. Well, a top that I love really. It’s true love too; I bought this top a week ago in Primark, and given the opportunity, I’d have worn it every day since. But that’s dirty, and probably unnecessary, so I have to be a grown up about it, and only wear it sparingly. Like once or twice a week.

Harry Potter T-Shirt

Primark Harry Potter T-Shirt

Primark T-Shirt

Stripy Pumps Primark

Hogwarts T-Shirt ~ Primark ~ £6
Jeans ~ Primark (old)
Bag ~ Primark ~ £6
Shoes ~ Primark ~ £4
Animalistic Pink Giraffe Glasses ~ c/o SpecsPost ~ £15.99

How incredibly awesome is this t-shirt? Seriously, I am completely and utterly in love with it. It’s not just that it’s a Hogwarts t-shirt, though obviously that’s the crux of it, because I am and will always be a Harry Potter devotee. But look at the shape of it. It’s perfection, to me. I loved it when I saw it in the shop, because of the Hogwarts crest, but I felt like the 16, which is the size I would normally buy, looked massive. But they didn’t have a smaller size, so I got it and thought that I’d take it back if it wasn’t right. It’s so right. It’s so so so wonderful, I love the way I look in it. I want to wear it forever. I also bought the shoes and the bag on the same shopping trip, and I love them too. Especially the bag.

Specspost Pink Giraffe Glasses

I’m also wearing my new (ish) Specspost glasses. They were very kind to provide me with a pair of their glasses from their Animalistic range to review, and I have been wearing them for a while without having posted a review! I’m not generally one for animal print, but I loved that these were a giraffe print, and the subtle pinkness of them. I think they are super cool, and while they might be ever so slightly large for my face, I don’t care. I love the Specspost Animalistic range, so much so that I’m considering a pair of sunglasses, possibly these Orange Tiger ones.

Three down, seven to go on number seven of 32 Before 32 – do ten outfit posts.

Book Review ~ A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton

The idea behind setting myself a goal to read ten books from 1982 was to provide myself with some different types of books to read. When I set myself an A-Z challenge last year, I had to search really hard to find books for some of the letters, and it threw up some books I might never have considered, so I was hoping that this challenge would do the same.

I probably never would have picked up A is for Alibi had it not been published in 1982. I had heard of this series of books by Sue Grafton before, but it had never really taken my fancy. When I realised that it fit into this challenge, and it was the first book in the series, I thought maybe that I would enjoy it enough to continue with the rest of the books. I was wrong!

Grafton introduces her private detective protagonist, Kinsey Milhone, in A is for Alibi. She is hired by a Nikki, a woman fresh out of prison, accused and convicted of poisoning her husband, but always maintaining her innocence. Now she has been released on parole, she wants Kinsey to take a new look into the case, and prove that innocence.

Kinsey is a hard character to connect with. Maybe this is just because this is her first outing, and perhaps she becomes more fleshed out as the series goes on. But here she is presented as a strong, independent woman, but aside from a bit of fighting, we aren’t really given an opportunity to see that. She fails at any point to elicit any sympathy or empathy from me, because she doesn’t show any emotion for the vast majority of the book. Even when she is embarking on a relationship of sorts, we don’t really get to know how she feels about the man.

The writing wasn’t really to my taste, either. There was a ridiculous amount of description, but not in a way that made you marvel at Grafton’s ability with symbolism or metaphor. It was literally just describing what was happening. 

I pulled the coffeepot from the bottom of the file cabinet and filled it from the Sparkletts water bottle behind the door. I liked it that she didn’t protest the trouble I was going to. I put in a filter paper and ground coffee and plugged in the pot.

That’s just one example of a paragraph that tells me exactly what Kinsey is doing, and how she is doing it. As a reader, I just don’t need this level of detail, unless it’s vital to the plot that I know from where she took the coffeepot and the water bottle, and of course, it’s not.

The plot wasn’t very special either; I guessed the outcome very quickly, and while I was hoping that the clues that I picked up on were just red herrings, they weren’t, and the killer turned out to be exactly who I expected it to be. There can be a certain amount of satisfaction in guessing the twist before it comes, but only if you feel you have had to work for it, and here, I didn’t.

Needless to say, this book hasn’t sparked in me an interest to read the subsequent 22 books in the series (Grafton is up to W in the alphabet), but it’s crossed another book off from my 1982 challenge!

A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton
First published: 1982
ISBN: 9780312938994
Library Book

Three down, seven to go on number one of 32 Before 32 – read ten books from 1982.



Patterned Trousers are my Jam

It’s been so long since I did an outfit post! It was actually November, and the plan was to do at least one a month so that I could complete my 32 Before 32 goal of doing ten before my birthday. That sort of went by the wayside when I decided I wanted to take my blog off in a different direction. But I wanted to resurrect them slightly for two reasons. Firstly, my 32 Before 32 list is not going well, so it would be nice to try and get another one crossed off. And secondly, I have had a bit more money to spend lately, so I’ve bought a few new bits of clothing, and I have loved two recent outfits so much that I wanted to share them. So there’s this one today, and another one coming shortly!



Trousers ~ Peacocks
Top ~ Topshop (old)
Denim Jacket ~ Very old!
Sandals ~ Clarks

I’m having a major love affair with patterned trousers at the moment. I had one pair, also from Peacocks, from a few years ago, but they have seen better days, so I’ve been on the lookout for a few more pairs this year. I managed to pick up a pair in a charity shop a few weeks ago, and then I came across these on the sale rail in Peacocks. They were reduced to £9, but they only had one size smaller than my usual size, so I tried them on. I never, ever try anything on in shops, so it should give you some indication of how much I wanted these! They were a perfect fit, so they were mine! And when I went to the till, they were reduced even further, to £7. What a bargain.

Usually I apologise for face in outfit photos, but I’m not going to this time. I don’t think I look particularly awkward for once. And I actively like the second photo!

Two down, eight to go on number seven of 32 Before 32 – do ten outfit posts.