And so, the end is near…

Here we are, on the other side! I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Christmas. Mine was very enjoyable, for the most part, though I don’t feel as though I ate nearly enough. I got some lovely presents though, and though it’s not my style to do a haul-type post, I am very grateful for everything I received.

~ A few of the highlights of my Christmas Day ~

The title of this post makes it seem as though it’s going to be about something morbid, but it’s not! It’s just that the end of the year is almost upon us, and I couldn’t think of a better title than a song lyric that makes it sound like someone is dying. I like to do things my way, alright?

Anyway, so in true end-of-year fashion, over the coming week I’ll be looking back on my year. I’m planning to cover the books I have read, the films I have seen, and, if I get time, a brief review of things here at Is That You Darling. I’ll also be setting my annual list of things I want to achieve in the forthcoming year; although it largely remains the same year on year, I still like to devote a post to it. Everything gets bunched up into a couple of days, but that’s because I’m loathe to write a post about the books I’ve read or the films I’ve seen when there is still plenty of time to do more! I’m currently one book away from reaching my target of 75, and as I’m planning on finishing a book today, there’s every possibility that I might read another one before the year’s end. So those posts will be arriving right at the end of the month, so I don’t have to leave anything out.

My New Year’s Eve plans are understated, as usual; I have never wanted to go out and dance (or drink) the night away. This year I am spending the evening with my friends, and we will probably be eating, playing games, cuddling a baby, and watching films for the majority of the time. As this is how I enjoy spending my time the best, I’m rather looking forward to it!

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick post to wish all the very best Season’s Greetings to all my readers. I’ll be around with posts on and off between Christmas and New Year, but they will be sporadic, and I’ll probably be sleeping off a food coma for the majority of the festive period. I hope you have a lovely time, however you choose to celebrate over the next week or so.


My Essential Christmas Films

Every year I spend at least one day with my friends watching as many Christmas films as we can fit in. That day happened on Monday this year, and we could only fit in two, but they were both two I’ve never seen before (Scrooged and Home Alone), so I was pretty pleased with our efforts!

Today I thought I’d share some of my personal favourites when it comes to festive films.


Love Actually is one of my essentials, and I have actually already watched it this year. It genuinely makes me laugh each and every time I watch it, and I know that whilst a part of that is down to being able to quote it, I do think it’s really funny, with some great characters. My favourites are Billy Mack, and Harry (played by Alan Rickman), even if he is a bit of an idiot.


The Family Stone is another one that I watch every year. It’s a bit of an odd one, because it has me laughing out loud one moment, and then crying the next. It never fails to make me cry at the very end, but the scene in which Everett and Ben fight on Christmas morning is so hilarious. There are some great actors in this film, but Rachel McAdams and Luke Wilson play my favourite characters.


Would you believe that I only actually watched It’s a Wonderful Life for the first time last year? It was always one of those films that I meant to watch, and never got around to, but I finally watched it as part of our Christmas films weekend. I’m a big, big fan of James Stewart, and this is probably his most famous role, as George Bailey, the small town man who contemplates suicide. It’s such a heartwarming story!


People who know me might be a bit surprised to hear that I like a film like Bad Santa. I actually went to see this at the cinema with my friends Anna and Rob, and we loved it! It seems like a bit of an anti-festive film, because Billy Bob Thornton’s Santa Claus is just awful, and uses his position to rob various different department stores with his elfish sidekick. But, in the true spirit of a proper Christmas film, there’s plenty of feel-good fun to go along with the cynicism! A sequel has been mooted for years, but the word on the street seems to be that they may actually make it next year. I can’t wait!


My mum used to love White Christmas, so while I was growing up there wasn’t a Christmas that went without it being on at some point. Having said that, I don’t think I actually sat down and watched it all the way through until I was an adult. I just love it so much; Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye are just perfection, and the music is wonderful. I’ve got to dig out my DVD of it in the next couple of days so I can watch it before the big day!

What are your favourite Christmas films?

Selfies for Save the Children

In the spirit of leaving things until the last minute, today, on the deadline, I’m sharing my Christmas Selfie for Save the Children. For every Christmas selfie post bloggers share under the hashtag #Selfies4STC, Westfield Stratford will donate £10 to Save the Children. Pretty good deal, in my book!


Not a great one, I’m sure you’ll agree, but it’ll do!